Uri Design

Uri Design Jewellery is made of high quality materials by Marte Relling Uri. She comes from the beautiful north-west coast of Norway: an area with wild and untamed nature. Her family has strong traditions in design and craftmanship, and she showed from an early age talent in both, together with a vivid creativity. This is visible in the richness of detail and great focus to every little aspect in her delicate work.

Marte loves beautiful stones and materials from nature, and finds inspiration in the many amazing colors and shapes we find around us; the mix of form and color on a stormy day, the play of the sunshine on the ocean surface, the intricate pattern on a butterfly's wing, the clean perfection of an Orchid, the amazing details of a tiny snow crystal, the contrast of a yellow leaf towards a grey sky.

The materials and suppliers used, are chosen with care and with the desire to create something to give joy and beauty for years to come. With love in every detail.